The Quad

Second and Third session overview!
(Sorry for the wait!)

As our initial group went back to town in our second session, they had their prize from the water elemental appraised and found that it was an amulet of water breathing. After some light shopping and browsing the group was beckoned into the woods by a cloaked being, who they followed to a large grove of trees. Within this grove was a ten foot tall being with the legs and tail of a wolf, a shawl over the lower half of their face, and a cloak. There were several dire boars and dire wolves surrounding the figure, as well as a few nymphs in a bean shaped pond who Charmed Devin's character. This being asked for their aid in dealing with a group of dwarves who had been demolishing large parts of the forest and killing the beasts and Fay that dwelled within with extreme prejudice. The initial group chose to help and were accompanied by one of the dire wolves and one or two tree folk in their endeavor. We left at the edge of the encampment of dwarves, where you chose to rest and scout out the area.


In our third session we were joined by Jet's character in disguise as another tree folk when the initial party awoke. The party did not notice this addition and continued to scout out the area, forming a battle plan to distract and attack the group of dwarves. They noticed a prisoner chained up in a sort of pen prison, but did not factor this into their plans. These dwarves had purple eyes for the most part, and some had skin that cracked and pulsed with purple light. As combat ensued, Jet's character tried to question as many people as they could to no avail. The dwarves were surprised and enraged by the attack, and as the dire wolf set upon them they screamed and retaliated with all they had. For some this included lightning attacks that shot from their hands. As the dwarves were outmatched, Jet collected a sizable number of runestones and other valuables from the bodies of the deceased, carefully stowing them away and keeping their guise as a treefolk. The prisoner managed to make use of a flying arrow to help release themselves from their binds, and as the battle was mostly over the original tree folk and dire wolf helped them fully release themselves. The prisoner then galloped up the furthest tower and beheaded the archer located within, throwing his body to the ground and looting it soon after the fact. A lot of looting happened. A lot. Two of the members of the party attempted to speak to the former prisoner but they were short with their replies and seemed very preoccupied with recovering what they could. Jet's character revealed their disguise as they left the prisoner to their own devices, impressing the prisoner and following the rest of the party, who had gone back into the woods to search for the grove of the demigod to claim their reward.

Our first session

Our first session led off with an awkward meeting in the bar in Nelaste where our trio decided to band together and investigate the mysterious woman appearing in the Vishtar's Blessing. Along the way you camped, found out the true race of one of your members, and fought a plant monster that ambushed you from the trees. The woman turned out to be a water elemental who told you of the missing rune that holds her together out in the open water and you decided to go and search for it, murdering a group of bandits and looting their cave to retrieve it. Shortly thereafter you returned the rune to her and she left you a beautiful blue pendant on a chain as she disappeared into the water. You all headed back to town and that's where our first adventure ended.


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